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African Percussion Instruments That Exist Until Today

The discovery of a musical instrument is one of the best inventions in humans. Which is desirable and enjoyed by all humans from various circles and layers throughout the world. Musical instruments are found on various land and have various types and ways to play each. There is no certainty when and where the instrument was first discovered. But archaeologists have found that African drum instruments have been named one of the oldest at this time.

Divje Babe found in the Geissenkloesterle cave and around 67,000 thousand years old, made of animal bones with several holes like flutes. Elephant Skin Drum that has been buried in ice for approximately 37,000 - 40,000 years ago in Antarctica, made of elephant skin on the bat and elephant bones on the sides. Although the two musical instruments above are around 70,000 - 40,000 years old, archaeologists still believe that musical instruments have been found for 165,000 years ago.

African Instrument

African drum

Apart from when musical instruments were discovered by humans, this time we will discuss the most phenomenal musical instruments originating from Africa. One of the largest continents with a wealth of animals and cultures that cover, animals, dance, language, rituals, and musical instruments. Africa has found a variety of musical instruments from every civilization that has ever existed in its parents such as Djembe, Maracas, and Dundun.


One of the phenomenal musical instruments of the type of hand drum from Africa. How to play Djembe is still in demand by music lovers all over the world, with sounds that vary depending on the hand punch technique you are doing. Djembe has a cup-shaped shape made of wood with typical African carvings, animal skins such as cattle and sheep that have been dried for the beating part. But in the modern era, the use of animal skin for music-producing parts has been replaced with synthetic materials that will not change the Djembe sound.

History; Djembe was found in the era of Mali civilization since 1200 BC. In Mali's time, Djembe was not only used to play music. It is also a tool for long-distance communication between tribal areas, to send signs and markers of the day such as traditional ritual and event celebrations. The African tribes believed that Djembe kept some holy spirits like Wood to make sides, Animals for producing music, Humans who were craftsmen themselves. This is what means the name Djembe which means Gathering in Peace, for the three holy spirits that are in it.


Maracas is a kind of original percussion instrument originating from parts of the African continent which has a shape resembling a ball with a handle to shuffle The sound of Maracas comes from the seeds in it. Shaking it will make the seeds collide and a lively voice appears, which can make the sound of music livelier. Until now, Maracas has been one of the hand percussions, which is important to use in Salsa, Reggae and other Latin music along with hand drum instruments.

History; found during the Tupinamba civilization, at that time Maracas became a sacred instrument that was not only used for playing music but also as part of healing rituals. In the healing ritual, the physicians will play a single Maracas to contact ancestors and gods, to request healing for all the diseases and injuries suffered by their patients. This made Maracas, not only an ordinary musical instrument at the time, but also a sacred instrument used in healing and praying for Tupinamba people.

Dundun\Bass Drum,

Bass type of drum that can produce a sound that is loud enough and loud. It has a rounded elongated shape with a bat on both sides, made of wood for dried body parts and animal skin for the music producing part. Played with a bat and placed on the floor or given a rope like a sling bag, the Africans will play dundun by dancing with a spinning style and singing songs. Dundun is still in the types of African drums like Djembe and comes from the Mande tribe.

History: originating from the Mande tribe that is in the civilization of Mali, this tribe is famous for the hunting talent they have. Dundun was also used as a communication tool just like Djembe at that time but was also used as an instrument of connection between them to their ancestors and gods. To ask for success in hunting they do or call for rain, play dundun by singing and dancing to grant their request.

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